Thank you so much!

Thanks to everyone who has visited the site, and who has taken part in the survey. As of this morning, about 22 hours into live, there are over 200 completed responses. This is…beyond fantastic, and I’m so appreciative of everyone who has taken the time to share their opinions, perceptions, and thoughts on archaeology in video-games. Even apart from the actual survey data itself, the comments and questions I’m getting on the research have already been helpful and encouraging.

The first day of the survey went well. There were a few site hiccups just as we went live, which is of course how technology works. Nothing breaks until it’s stressed. The database is filling up nicely though, and the site has stayed up after the initial bumps. Cross fingers.

My research day was spent alternately watching site statistics, checking survey inputs, and preparing for a supervisory meeting. In the afternoon, I took a few hours off to record another episode of 8 Bit Test Pit, the show for the Archaeology Podcast Network that I co-host with Tara Copplestone and Andrew Reinhard, fellow students from the University of York who are also researching in archaeology and video-games. This episode was about ethics in game research, generally, and the ethics of gamification present in the GlobalXplorer project, specifically.

Today is a teaching day and a writing day, because first years don’t learn theory in a vacuum, and literature reviews don’t spontaneously generate.