A watched pot…

The survey software I’m using updates completed surveys immediately, but in-progress surveys show up in 15 minute batches, as the data is pushed between the company, the university, and my storage. This means when I get a flood of responses I get a tiny bit of warning, but only if people are answering quickly. I have to infer what’s about to happen.

For example, I think I’m about to get another flood, as I just got three responses pinging in within a minute. Looking at the time-stamp on when they started, they all started within seconds of one another. This probably means that the survey was shared somewhere online, or through a group. If the trend holds true, the next push will show another 10 to 15 in progress surveys within the next 15 minutes.

After a week, any in-progress surveys have their data added to the total database, but are segregated as incomplete. This allows me to look at individual fields that were entered, as there may still be useful information there, but keeps the finished entries separate, to create a complete body.