Over the weekend, the counter ticked over 500 responses to the call for survey participants. The survey will be closing this afternoon, and from preliminary looks at the collected data, things seem good. More than half of the submitted surveys have comments in them, which gives a lot to work with in the next phase of the process.

After the survey closes, I’ll be moving a copy of the database from Qualtrics, the survey software, to NVivo, where I’ll be conducting open coding on all ‘typed’ responses, to look for thematic relationships. I used NVivo previously to facilitate open coding of archaeological codes of ethics and professional conduct, so I feel relatively comfortable with the software suite, and with what the task ahead is going to look like.

The project splits next week, when three days a week I’ll be in the office writing and working on the thematic coding, and two days a week I’ll be doing direct data collection out of the selected case study games. It feels good to be actually moving forward into the aspects of the project where I’m working with data sources. There was a lot of build-up to be ready to release the survey, and to be ready for case studies, and it’s finally come together at the point where I’m doing the work, instead of just writing about how I’m going to do the work in some amorphous future.

Thank you again to everyone who helped reach this big round number. Before the survey launched, I sat in with my supervisor and she asked me how many responses I thought I needed. I remember saying, “If I get 50 that have free responses to work with, I’ll be happy.” She told me she expected there would be about 400 total responses, and I laughed…and yet, here we are.