It’s time to write my discussion chapter. It’s been time to write my discussion chapter for about three weeks, but honestly, I’ve been paralyzed with how to start. I think, maybe, I’ve now found a way in. Within my particular dissertation, I have approximately 25,000 words allocated for this chapter. It’s the place where I should be tying together the conclusions from my multiple data collection areas, and where I should be addressing, directly, my research questions. It’s where the ME that is present in this document should be evident; the discussion chapter should contain the arguments that are mine, and the conclusions that areRead More →

Though for a variety of reasons I no longer use my Facebook account, the one feature that still draws me in is the ‘Memories’ tab, which lets me look back on what I was doing, thinking, and complaining about on any given day over the past 10+ years. Today, it reminded me that it’s three years to the day since I arrived in York to start my PhD. I came in on the train from Manchester and stayed in what is still my favorite AirBnB in the city, where I struggled to stay awake until a reasonable time for bed, as I was trying toRead More →

As I near the submission date for my dissertation, currently scheduled for April 1, I’ve started putting together some of the ‘bits’ of the document that you can’t really do until the end. One of these bits is the abstract, which I’ve found can’t be reliably written until the project has shown you what it really is, and you’ve figured out that what you thought you were doing three years ago is not what you ended up doing at all. The following is the current draft of my abstract: This project follows two paths, distinct but impacting upon one another. The first path concerns perceptionsRead More →