Thank you so much! Thanks to everyone who has visited the site, and who has taken part in the survey. As of this morning, about 22 hours into live, there are over 200 completed responses. This is…beyond fantastic, and I’m so appreciative of everyone who has taken the time to share their opinions, perceptions, and thoughts on archaeology in video-games. Even apart from the actual survey data itself, the comments and questions I’m getting on the research have already been helpful and encouraging. The first day of the survey went well. There were a few site hiccups just as we went live, which is ofRead More →

Case studies were selected from games containing representations of archaeology and/or archaeologists. While many games utilize systems or narratives that draw on archaeologically associated concepts, such as the looting of artifacts or the discovery of ancient civilizations, the project only selected games that specifically referenced archaeology, archaeologists, or excavation. Games were then isolated by hardware generation, with a goal of covering (as much as possible) video-gaming from the 1970s until the present. Where potential case study games duplicated hardware types, games were selected to privilege those that showed the clearest connection to the research study area. Though only a select number of games will make it into the final project, recommendations forRead More →

Within the project, the preferred spelling and reference term video-game has been selected to refer to products that are primarily entertainment-focused in intent, and accessible via media that require visual interfaces (such as screens or monitors) and interactivity through the use of a keyboard, mouse, or specialized proprietary piece of hardware. Video-game was chosen over other common spellings such as videogame and video game. The spelling video-game indicates the relationship between the two aspects of the experience of the product, and also intimates the ways in which those two characteristics of form are dependent upon one another. A video-game requires that certain technologies are presentRead More →