Though for a variety of reasons I no longer use my Facebook account, the one feature that still draws me in is the ‘Memories’ tab, which lets me look back on what I was doing, thinking, and complaining about on any given day over the past 10+ years. Today, it reminded me that it’s three years to the day since I arrived in York to start my PhD. I came in on the train from Manchester and stayed in what is still my favorite AirBnB in the city, where I struggled to stay awake until a reasonable time for bed, as I was trying toRead More →

I’ve turned in my materials for the March meeting with my Thesis Advisory Panel. Usually I feel terror. This time I just felt relief. I filled out the form indicating everything I’ve done since the last meeting. Because of my illness, everything I’ve done since the last meeting really means ‘everything I’ve done since January.’ Listing all of the inputs, the conferences and papers and literature reviews and calls for papers and survey creation and data analysis and outreach and website and thing after thing after thing, I realized, this is why I feel so tired all of the time. I have done SO MUCHRead More →