It’s time to write my discussion chapter. It’s been time to write my discussion chapter for about three weeks, but honestly, I’ve been paralyzed with how to start. I think, maybe, I’ve now found a way in. Within my particular dissertation, I have approximately 25,000 words allocated for this chapter. It’s the place where I should be tying together the conclusions from my multiple data collection areas, and where I should be addressing, directly, my research questions. It’s where the ME that is present in this document should be evident; the discussion chapter should contain the arguments that are mine, and the conclusions that areRead More →

I have, as of two minutes ago, handed in the draft text of my first case study. It was meant to be about 5,000 words, and ended up almost 7,000. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that I have ten case studies, and ten case studies at 5,000 words each is 50,000 words, and the hard limit for the entire dissertation is 90,000. So there’s not a lot of wiggle room, and this was probably the shortest and easiest game to analyze out of those I selected. None of this is why I’m trying not to throw up in an office trash can, though. IRead More →

This post should be sub-titled, “Making Me Appreciate Modern Save Game Mechanics.” This has been a writing week for me, as I’ve made it through my play-throughs of Tombs & Treasure, the first game in the series of 10 case studies for my dissertation. I wish I could express the mingled feelings of nausea, anger and relief that sentence causes in me. It’s been a long week. Tombs & Treasure only allows you to save the game through the use of the Ixmol Jewel, an item you receive early on in play. By LOOKing at the jewel, you receive a 16 character alpha-numeric code, whichRead More →