Tombs & Treasure

Tombs & Treasure


Nintendo Entertainment System


Nihon Falcom, Compile

Release Date:



Tombs & Treasure takes the real Maya site of Chichen Itza and overlays it with demons and exploration as a puzzle-solving game.

In the narrative, the player takes on a quest to find a lost research team, who were previously excavating at Chichen Itza, in the Yucatan Peninsula. The game has a simple combat system, but gameplay is mostly focused on traversing the interior of the buildings at Chichen, and puzzle-solving to facilitate the exploration.

Tombs & Treasure is important within the canon of archaeologically situated video-games because of the way it uses real places, real areas of research, and real archaeological discoveries to create narrative progression. Unlike many other games which utilize historic places, Tombs & Treasure makes archaeology an explicit character in the game, as much as the player character or his sidekick.