Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


PlayStation 4


Naughty Dog, Inc.

Release Date:



The Uncharted series was features a male protagonist,  Nathan Drake. The character is presented as highly knowledgeable regarding archaeology and history, is well-versed in how field procedures are supposed to occur, and disregards most standards of ethical behavior in favor of artifact collection and exploration.

The series is important though, because though it definitely presents Nathan Drake as a looter, it makes him relatable, personable, and connects to concurrent changes in how the public was coming to relate to archaeology, as a personal relationship tied to their individual family histories.

It’s also important, because all of the ethical breaches that Nathan Drake commits, the series acknowledges. It acknowledges that he shouldn’t be looting, shouldn’t be destroying, shouldn’t be exploring sacred spaces. It shows an awareness of its own participation in promoting poor representation and encouraging bad behaviors. It’s reflective in its narrative, and asks the player to be reflective as well.

This entry is the last in the main series, which began in 2007.